Jürgen Niermann Wildlife Photography

Focus stacks
The following pictures were taken by "focus stacking", i.e. several shots of the same scene with different focus points are later merged in an image processing program (here: Helicon Focus Pro). For an automatic series of shots, my Nikon Z 7 offers the function "Focus shift shooting". Lenses used: Canon EF 1:3.5/180 mm Macro (using a Fringer EF-NZ adapter), Nikkor Z 24-70 mm 1:4 S, the latter occasionally with a Novoflex automatic reverse adapter NIKZ-RETRO for image scales up to 2:1. For an image scale of approx. 5:1 I also have a PLAN X 4x microscope lens, which I screw into the filter thread of the Canon 180mm Macro using an adapter.
jumping spider Common earwig slime mold Bitter oyster Fly agaric Rosy bonnet Common foxglove Amethyst deceiver Broad-leaved helleborine Ruddy Darter Musk Beetle Beetle Small Red-eyed damselfly Wasp spider Acorn weevil Green shield bug mushroom Bleeding fairy helmet Pear-shaped puffballs Nursery web spider twin-lobed deerfly Black-spotted longhorn beetle Trichterförmiger Muscheling Robber fly European stag beetle Crab spider mushroom weevil mushroom mushroom mushroom Common puffball lichen Dor Long-bodied cellar spider