Jürgen Niermann Wildlife Photography

Photos from Kenia, Madagascar, Nambia, South Africa and Uganda
Burchells Zebras Namaqua Sandgrouse Topi Leopard African Elephant Short-toed Eagle Bateleur African Black Oystercatcher Cape Fur Seals Lion Mountain Zebra Spotted Hyaena Cheetah Impala Southern African Ground Squirrel Northern Black Korhaan Ostrich Vervet monkeys Ground agama Lion Chacma Baboon Rock Dassie Yellowbilled Stork Hippopotamus African buffalo and Yellow-billed oxpecker African Elephant Malachite Kingfisher Lion Verreauxs Sifaka Spotted-backed Weaver Lesser Double-collared Sunbird Lilac-breasted roller Brownhooded Kingfisher Ground Hornbill Chimpanzee